Those utterly sharp sensations, when breeze touches our tender cheeks, sending chills down the spine... Amore Marine


Tyahi shabda ho; jasko prahaar le ma royeko, tyahi boli ho, jasle mero mann lai chhoyeko, Namitho huda; yesaile line garchha swaas, Yahi meetho huda; mann ma palaaune garchha aas, Tyo chotle bhariye ko boli; aba ma khaan-na, Dherai suniyo tyasta boli; aba sunna cha-haan-na, Kasto ho yo mahima; chha aparampaar, Shabda ho eutai; tara... Continue Reading →

For Now

I lost, Yes! I did; FOR NOW, The distance of yours, Slicing me in the pieces of millions... But I'm forced to gulp, All those - ¬†including my tears down... Wondering how merciless I've become, To punish myself instead of pitying; oh wow!!!... I lost, Yes! I did. But ONLY FOR NOW... I lost, Yes!... Continue Reading →

Painful Tears

Let's see the height, for our unbearable plight, watching those all over with a vivid sight, making the dam of our eyes break with all its might. Amore Marine

All Over Again

Here, I see you, doing the same, playing with hearts, destroying the innocent, my eyes flowed, bridging off the bar, watching him dumped, as bad as it was, scratched my wounds, which was not yet healed, I saw myself in him, feeling the same unbearable pain, drowning myself in the dark, All Over Again. Amore... Continue Reading →

My Coffee Mug

A patient listener, who is really passionate to hear with its ears all open, contemplating each words of mine. A soothing companion, who never let's me drown in pain, helping me face the world, calming my nerves again and again. A trustworthy friend, who has no intention to betray, minimizing my fears, making me trust... Continue Reading →

Selfish Candle

The feeling I experience, is really priceless, when the pain I get, stands nowhere, in-front of the satisfaction I get. Selfishly I let, the "Orangish" blaze, eat me slowly, making me liquid, burning the waxy flesh of mine. Greedy I become, to spread the lights, even it's dim, blinding me with tempting hunger, to swallow... Continue Reading →

Peeda Ko Ghainto

Khai aaja k huna pugyo malai, garna ta khojeko thiye bhalayi, k bhayo ra mukhle k bolyo, esari bolyo ki polnu samma polyo. ¬† Aba ajhai bhumika ma bunna sakdina, yeti samma ko dosh sunna ma sakdina, Aafno peeda ko ghainto fodau ma kasari, Mann-le rojeko saath chhodau kasari. ¬† Kaaya ferna sakey kati raamro... Continue Reading →


Betrayal is something that transforms a person with a 360 degrees' change. A simple bubbly person dies with betrayal, giving birth to someone they never were or never had imagined themselves to be. The pain they feel is so deep that they might forgive you but forgetting what is done with them is impossible is... Continue Reading →

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