Betrayal is something that transforms a person with a 360 degrees' change. A simple bubbly person dies with betrayal, giving birth to someone they never were or never had imagined themselves to be. The pain they feel is so deep that they might forgive you but forgetting what is done with them is impossible is... Continue Reading →

Time for yourself

WORK - To earn SUCCESS MEDITATE - To POWER yourself READ - For the KNOWLEDGE BE FRIENDLY - It is the ROAD OF HAPPINESS LAUGH HARDER- To listen the MUSIC OF OUR SOUL Give YOURSELF a break and VALUE YOUR OWN SELF... *This is not entirely my idea but some modifications of mine.* Amore Marine


The one who punishes us in our mistakes and slap us just to make us realize that they are there. The one who gives surprises as a shock but gives a shock wrapped in a surprise gift. The one who makes us cry without a reason and then tickle us just to make us laugh... Continue Reading →


Reminds us all our mistakes so we never do repeat them. Gives a clear picture of our past and our doings, binding us to our identity. Having a good or a bad memory is not up to us but “Either cherish good or Lament upon bad ones” is in our hands. Whenever we visit our... Continue Reading →


FRIENDSHIP; 10 letter-word that always keeps the Freshness to Rummage Inside us whereas even all the Eternal Nuisance that Dwells manages to Softens our Heart using all Impossible to the Possible ways... Amore Marine

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