Chappy 7

Link to previous chapter Chappy 6 Reporter: Today court has passed an order of arrest of Minister Shinda Nakh who is proved to be involved with his brothers in human trafficking. His false promises, fake goodness and hollow ethics have been uncovered. Police have found black money worth 2 million with him. During investigation it was found out that his property was already doomed and … Continue reading Chappy 7

Chappy 6

Previous chappy: chappy-5 Smile is thinking about her commitment with Alex. She says I can’t cheat Alex. She remembers her promise made to him. Flashback in Smile’s POV It was a dark night, sky was echoed with thunderstorms and Care Orphanage was echoed with fearful scream, scream of Alex who was dead scared of thunderstorms. Since his childhood he was scared of those terrific sounds and … Continue reading Chappy 6


Links to previous chappies: Chappy-1, Chappy-2, Chappy-3 Chappy 4 Alex’s tone stumbled Nature. He was aware of Alex’s jealousy and insecurity towards NILE (Nature and smILE)’s relation and was scared to death as he was well aware what Alex can ask. He was terrified to even think of it. The thought choosing between Alex and Smile send shivers to his spine. She was his love and his life. She … Continue reading Chappy-4


Alex remembers Smile and a lone tear makes its way through his cheeks. He then gets a call, which he tensely receives. Alex: Hey! Bro how’s you? Caller: I’m good Alex… but you seem not good is all okay? (Asks suspiciously) Alex: Yeah! Yeah!! I am.. I am really good no issues Nature. (Yes it was Nature) Nature: (Reassuringly) Chill dude! Today onward, everything will … Continue reading Chappy-3


Smile’s POV Finally the day has come when that filthy jerk will taste his own medicine. Everything is going as it should and now I’ll tear him apart. Today he’ll be completely ripped off. Just a little more wait, and he’ll see his destruction. His deeds has always destroyed peoples. He has to be punished for all his crimes because now, the tables have turned… … Continue reading Chappy-2


We can see a girl in a balcony sitting without any expression, sipping coffee. (How can any person stay without emotion?)… let’s see close… she has something… an emotion… yes! She does have but; only deep pain can be seen in her emotionless face. Yes! Her eyes are emitting fire with pain. She closes her eyes resting her head backwards when she opens her eyes … Continue reading Chappy-1