Chappy 6

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Smile is thinking about her commitment with Alex. She says I can’t cheat Alex. She remembers her promise made to him.

Flashback in Smile’s POV

It was a dark night, sky was echoed with thunderstorms and Care Orphanage was echoed with fearful scream, scream of Alex who was dead scared of thunderstorms.

Since his childhood he was scared of those terrific sounds and he would get panic attacks. There was no one who would cover him up. During those times he was tied in chains and locked in a room with no windows so that less sound could pass.

I was new there so I was worried for the boy who was screaming in fear. I headed towards to another side of the building where I saw mother standing outside a room with tears in her eyes. When I went to her she told me about how Alex lost his parents during thunderstorm. They were brutally murdered as his father got to know about a human trafficking case and involvement of big politicians and when he informed about this to some police officer he trapped them and murdered them.

Alex was just 8 when he saw his parents dying in front of his eyes. His mother was able to masquer him but she could not secrete him so well that he didn’t see them die. Before hiding him she handed him a box and told him to keep it safely and not to give it to others. She even handed him 80 letters which had dates. She told him to read it on the particular date only and do whatever is written there. She then called her friend i.e. mother Lara to take him with her. Mother Lara took Alex with her and raised him.

I was reminded of Clara Miguel one of the girl in the prostitution home who helped her to run away many times. Even Clara was afraid of thunderstorms and use to get attacks but not as dangerously as Alex. I use to hug her to calm her down. She died because of fear she was killed by keeping her in the terrace during thunders for helping me.

I saw Alex hurt and his hands and legs bleeding due to continuous struggle. But suddenly the metal chain broke and dunno what overcome me I ran to him opening the door in spite of mother’s resistance and I engulfed him into a hug a tight one. He hit me hard with his fist and tried to run but I didn’t let him go. He bit me on my shoulder making it bleed because of fear but I keep on hugging him. Then slowly he calmed down and slept peacefully.

Mother Lara was astonished to see this. Not only her but all “Careans” were as he never slept during thunderstorms as he have very light sleep but now even thunderstorms didn’t disturb him.

After that he uses to sleep on my lap during every stormy night. It was Anniversary eve of our home. We ladies had a habit to stay awake that night and enjoy singing, dancing, mimicking and celebrating like a talent show. Alex stormed in the celebration hall and hugged me tight. He was shivering profusely. He was so terrified that it took almost 30 minutes continuous stroke to calm him down. He was crying a lot making everyone tense. Then suddenly he spoke…

Alex: (Sobbing) Please don’t leave me. Be with me forever please. I can’t live without you.
Me: What’s the case Alex? Why are you so scared? And why will I leave you? I will not leave you dear. I’ll always be with you.
He: I saw a dream where you left me for a boy. He was tall guy and was sitting with you. A tanned fair complexion, blue eyes, brown hair cut short good physique. He proposed you to marry him and you accepted. When I tried to stop you, you said he loves you more than me and you too love him. You left me after that as he took you away.
Me: (Consoling) Alex chill. I won’t leave you ever. You love me and I too feel the same then why will I leave you? (To change the environment) But I must say your DB seems to be damn heavenly handsome.
He: DB??
Me: DREAM BOY (giggling)
He: (Smiling) actually he was… (Seriously with fear in his eyes) Smile promise me you will never leave me…
Me: I promise we’ll never part our ways. We’ll be together always. I will always love you and you will be my first priority.
He: Love you!
Me: Me too. Now sleep good night.
He: Good night!

Everyone was admiring our bond and he left to sleep.


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