My Coffee Mug

A patient listener,
who is really passionate to hear
with its ears all open,
contemplating each words of mine.
A soothing companion,
who never let’s me drown in pain,
helping me face the world,
calming my nerves again and again.
A trustworthy friend,
who has no intention to betray,
minimizing my fears,
making me trust it blindly but gradually.
A perfect companion,
who pretends as an isomniac owl,
never to leave my side,
especially when I’m in a desperate need.
A secret keeper,
who has always been a diary to me,
never revealing me open,
burying my treasures till the end of itself.
A wonderful wonder,
who emptys me from my painful past,
extracting it all in its bitterness,
leaving only the sweetness of fresh future ahead.
Amore Marine

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