Alex remembers Smile and a lone tear makes its way through his cheeks. He then gets a call, which he tensely receives.

Alex: Hey! Bro how’s you?

Caller: I’m good Alex… but you seem not good is all okay? (Asks suspiciously)

Alex: Yeah! Yeah!! I am.. I am really good no issues Nature. (Yes it was Nature)

Nature: (Reassuringly) Chill dude! Today onward, everything will change to be better; better for good. Today EVERYTHING will fall in its actual place and Smile will surely pour her emotions.

Alex: (Doubtedly) I don’t think so buddy. (Clarifying) She has successfully killed her emotions, so I really don’t think she will do as you have said.

Nature: You are really worried about her don’t you? (Alex agrees so he continues) I know her buddy. She is just keeping it to herself and don’t worry boy, today I’ll make her spill all her pain.

Alex: (With a tint of jealousy) what do you mean by “I’ll make her spill all her pain???”

Nature: I mean today she will open her heart and I’ll make sure of it.

Alex: (Mockingly) Really? How will she open her heart for you when she doesn’t even give a sight at you.

Nature: (Smiles at his jealousy) “don’t you know?”  he asks calmly in a deep voice leaving Alex speechless.

Alex is very well aware that Nature was right, he is the only one who is capable to mould Smile. Even when she never raise her eyes to have a look at him, Alex knew that NIle had a special bond between. He was now scared that Nature will take her away from him. He was thinking what to do that Smile will not leave him ever as he couldn’t afford to lose her too. He always has been insecure with Nature because he and Smile have a silent understanding. They both were mysterious.

They both would understand each other’s feelings and act according to that. He knew Nature loved her too and she was comfortable with him more than anyone else. He was aware of Nature being with Smile like a shadow and shield and he has no issues with his love but his insecurity was increasing day by day. He was numb. Thousands of thoughts were crossing his mind and he was not able to counter Nature. He knew Nature was really a gem but he was not ready to let Smile go away from him. The mere thought of losing Smile forever was piercing his heart. He was now much more insecure than ever when he said that he’ll make her pour her pain. He thought if he is able to make her pour her heart she will leave him forever. He will not be loved back by her.

(His trance was broken when Nature spoke up)

Nature: (Assuring) Alex! Don’t worry I am with Smile because of my reasons. I have vowed to protect her I’m not in your life to take her far from you.

Alex was again shocked to see his understanding level. He was feeling guilty to think like that about Nature even after knowing him for years but his guilt was covered by fear. He was now more worried to see how good Nature was. He (Alex) was not like him (Nature). He was having mixed feelings; jealousy, embarrassment, guilt, happiness; all emotions were filling his heart. He was unable to think what to do. He was in dilemma now. He was feeling to tell Nature to stay away from Smile and he was sure that Nature was that good that he will back out and never take HIS SMILE. He will let HIS SMILE be with him forever and never claim on her. She will be always with him if he once asks Nature to forget her. He was 100% sure that Nature will choose him over Smile.

(His trance was again broken by Nature who is on other side of the call)

Nature: Alex? Alex?? Hey! Buddy? Are you there??

Alex: Yeah! I am. Umm… actually I had… umm… umm… (Releases a long breath and speaks) may I ask you something?

Nature stumbled hearing Alex’s tone. He was scared to death as he knew what Alex can ask. He was aware of Alex’s jealousy and insecurity towards NILE (Nature and smILE)’s relation. He was terrified to even think of forgetting Smile. She was his love of life. She was his inspiration. But if Alex asks him to leave her then he will have to stay away from her. He had no one except SMEX (SMile and alEX) as his own. One was his life and other was his breath. And he was praying that Alex don’t ask him to live HIS SMILE, because if, he asks him to do so he will be compelled to leave his life and choose his breath as he can’t stay without Alex.


Amore Marine


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