Mother earth’s wait

Its not you but me who,
bears all your misbehavior,
you pretend to respect me as per your wish,
and then dump me as a trash,
you clean me for your selfish motive,
then dirty me ignoring my identity,
for your luxury; I’m even nurtured,
then I’m destroyed; when you are over,
you destroy me every single day,
rapidly; and faster and faster,
But when I remind you about my existence,
you call it a disaster…

You plough me for food,
and so for your livelihood,
you kill my children everyday,
who give you breath,
but mercilessly,
you chop them down,
and split us away,
you dig me too,
and even disrespect,
making me wail invisibly harder,
but nobody listens it anyway,
but I’ll remain quiet,
bearing everything even today,
waiting for the day,
when you’ll finally; finally learn to respect me someday…

Amore Marine


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