Love – Power to Change

This is the story of Sebastian Vincent who was known to be an all-rounder. Sebastian was very intelligent from his childhood. He participated in different in-doors as well as out-doors games and was good at them. Although he was so good at his academics he was not happy at home. His parents – Bonny and Saran Vincent had no time for him. He spent his time with his grandmother and his sister – Samara Bradford. They both were always there to help him in need. Sam had to go abroad for her further studies leaving Sebastian and grandmother with her parents. They were regularly in contact. He proved to be a good student by sustaining on his position with good marks. Everyone was delighted with his graduation marks.

Suddenly he faced a tragedy with his grandmother’s death. He was unable to control his emotions. Sam was abroad so everybody decided to call her for the last rituals. She arrived and wailed and she was in trauma. Then she looked around and saw that Sebastian was missing. Sam knew that Sebastian must be in too much pain so she calmed herself and went to him. She knocked at his door and asked him to open. As soon as he heard her voice; he opened the door with teary eyes and hugged her tightly. Sam was in the huge pain seeing her beloved brother so devastated. She hugged him back even more tightly. The moment she hugged, Sebastian cried for long time. Though Sebastian’s condition was not good, Sam went back as she had to continue her study. As days passed by, everything changed including Sebastian’s behavior. He was getting much rude and aggressive. His parents were so busy in their business that they could not realize that Sebastian had fallen in the bad circle.

He started fighting and messing up with everyone, always drinking and smoking. His parent decided to control him and started cutting off his pocket money thinking that he would stay quiet in home without money and admitted him to hostel as well. Sam was worried for Sebastian being lonely so she regularly called him but she was unaware of what was happening with his brother. Her parents also did not tell her anything. She started suspecting about the condition and behavior of his brother by their talks and through some of his friends. She was too worried about him. She decided to return but her parents told her not to do so saying everything will be fine very soon. They asked her not to bother. Since Sam was worried about Sebastian a lot, she returned without informing anyone because she knew they would not let her do so if she had informed them.

After returning, she went straight to meet Sebastian’s dean where she got to know about his changed behavior. Dean told her that Sebastian has been so undisciplined and quarrelsome in last one year. He even told her that he has failed in exam time and again. Sam got dumbstruck by the news. She asked him that she wanted to meet Sebastian but to her surprise he said that he was absent since a week or so and this was not new now as he had been doing like this since past 6 months. Sam got back to home angrily and was irked with her parents for neglecting Sebastian knowing him being on a trauma since grandmother’s demise. Knowing that Sam arrived, Sebastian came to home. As soon as Sebastian saw his Sammy, he hugged her tight. He didn’t leave her for almost half an hour and cried emotionally. Later when they parted they had some good time together and Sebastian was happy to be with Sam. During their conversation Sam inquired him about his changed behavior but Sebastian hesitated, excused himself tried to ignore her and went out unknown of the fact that his Sammy was aware of everything.

Sam handed a heavy bag which she brought from Sebastian’s hostel to parents saying that she liked the gift they gave. They did not understand her at first but when they opened the bag they saw cigarettes, drugs and a paper – Sebastian’s mark sheets. Sam taunted them that they were so busy attending their business and parties that they did not get to know about their own son. She furiously said them “It’s all because of your carelessness mom and dad. I wish you would give him time instead of money. And I so wish you would cut your time instead of his pocket money. If you would do that my Sabby would not be a thief to quench the thirst of all his addictions”. She left the place with tears on her swollen eyes that emitted pain, leaving Bonny and Saran shocked at the revelation of his son being thief and ashamed of themselves for not being able to understand their children.

After that day Sam made sure that Sebastian was not alone. Few days later, Sam got a call from Sebastian’s mobile and Neil – Samara’s husband was on the other side who informed her that Sebastian was in the hospital and asked her to reach there as soon as possible. Sam hurried to the hospital while the Vincent’s followed her. They reached the hospital and visited doctor who told her Sebastian’s condition to be critical numbing Sam’s nerves. The doctor cleared that it was not the case of accident but was the case of drug addiction and very critical and asked them not to keep false hopes as his survival was less.

Sam burst into tears seeing his dear brother lying into the hospital bed struggling between life and death. Neil comforted her and told her not to worry as he’ll be with her. Neil further said, “Sweetie I called Malley and Teju. They are renowned drug specialists as well as psychiatrists all over the world. I couldn’t talk to Malley as she was busy but Teju informed her and now they are on their way and you don’t worry Sabby will be saved. You have to be strong babe not for yourself but for our Sabby”. Neil hugged her giving her a comforting smile and kissed her temple affectionately. Sam hugged him back and asked innocently,” My baby won’t leave me right love?” (To which Neil nodded and kissed her temple again with love) She gained some courage with this and wiped her tears on the same position where she was resting her head to hear her names audible on his every beat.

(Doc. Malvika Bradford (Neil’s sister) and Sebastian were friends. Sam’s grandmother wanted to tie their knot too, which everyone was aware of, except the duo. Malvika being a doctor was away because of some cases who returned when her brother informed her about Sebastian’s case.)

Two hours later Doc. Malvika arrived with her associate Teji McKenna and took over Sebastian’s case. Everyone was informed that Sebastian was not only traumatized but also highly depressed and extremely weak physically as well as mentally. His treatment went on a full swing and finally he was out of danger after a long 72 hours. Although he was out of danger he was still weak physically as well as mentally. After numerous psychiatric sessions and bed rest for a month Sebastian finally got stable after which Sam personally took very good care of him. Sam made sure of his needs and stood strong for her Sabby but she was very much pained to see her baby like that, making her pale. Sebastian was cursing himself and thinking that he was responsible for his sister’s pain and sorrow. He could not face her by any means.

Sam comforted him and assured him not to accuse himself and told him to pour his heart out; and… he did. He was feeling guilty. He regretted for not controlling himself when he started having drugs about a year ago. He remembered how his friends recommended him to try drugs. He remembered how he refused but agreed him when they insisted, saying, “You will forget all your pain after having it. So try it and forget all your miseries”. His eyes were full of tears as he was saying all this but Sam controlled her emotions and told him that it was not his fault. When he heard that, hugged her tight, and wailed like a baby. He then said her facing the truth that although he survived his addiction has ruined him. He is not the same Sebastian who was her pride. He failed in the internal exam. His reputation has doomed. He lost his interest in studies and his graduation was worthless now. The biggest pain he felt was that he had to see his Sammy cry which he never wished. He apologized expressing his guilt for making her cry.

Sebastian loved his sister more than his life so he now wanted to leave drugs not for him but for his Sammy. He now again wanted to be the same Sebastian who always brought smile on her face. When he said, “I want to be your old Sabby, Sammy”. Sam hugged him tightly with an ear to ear smile and said him encouragingly,” Although you failed in internal exam. Your reputation has not doomed. I know you have lost your interest in the studies but your graduation is not worthless. If you are addicted now who says that you cannot recover? My Sabby is not so weak is he? Sebastian saw her with wide confused eyes. Watching his expression Sam asked, “How can you give up, baby?” Sebastian was happy to hear baby after so long. Sam always called him baby with love and when she called him now he felt himself lucky to get a sister like Sam who loved him unconditionally. Sebastian was still negative towards himself. He said, “Nobody will understand it, they hate me now. I’m a goon. I’ve become a thief, Sammy. Nobody is with me and no one will help me to do so. I’ve disappointed you Sammy. I’M so sorry” and cried hugging her. To which Sam said,” I am with you Sabby. Am I not enough? (He overwhelmingly nodded as an agreement and she continued) We do not need anyone. We will prove them that you can get well. I will help you to get rid of it. And if anybody will hate you I will fight for you, encourage you and be beside you forever as your backbone if you fail and I’ll be a shield for you when someone will try to hurt you. You are my baby and you have not disappointed me. Yeah it pained me to see you in so much of pain but you are still my pride. You want to get rid of this addiction and I’m proud of you”. Sebastian was delighted with Sam’s words and he kissed her knuckles gratefully.His happiness doubled when his parents too proposed to help him. He was then brought back home where he was pampered and cared a lot. Whenever he felt like having drugs he went to Sam and lie down on her lap. Saran consulted with the best therapists and doctors to assist Tehika and Bonny fed him by her own hands. They supported, cared and loved him so much that he gradually started improving. He then started showing interest in studies as well and was happy. He took exam and also got good response too. Although, he was not the topper this time but he was happy as he has become a good man. His colleagues had started hating him but now their view towards him was changing. He was also being respected in his circle. People then started taking him as a brave man who fought with himself to leave drugs. He was able to earn a good life and a good example for the society.

Neil and Sebastian shared a good bond from the beginning and now even Malvika and Sebastian became ready for marriage after knowing grandmother’s wish.

This is not a love story but a story of love. It was love that united the Vincent Family as well. That was Neil’s love that became Sam’s strength.

Grandmother’s love had power to change Sebastian but losing her changed him for bad and Sam’s love had power to change him from a ruined addict to his self. This is the story of love between Sam and Sebastian, where one fought with everyone for her brother and another fought with himself for his sister.


Amore Marine


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