Chappy 6

Previous chappy: chappy-5 Smile is thinking about her commitment with Alex. She says I can’t cheat Alex. She remembers her promise made to him. Flashback in Smile's POV It was a dark night, sky was echoed with thunderstorms and Care Orphanage was echoed with fearful scream, scream of Alex who was dead scared of thunderstorms. Since... Continue Reading →

Wonderful Breeze

Wonder: why people blame breeze, for messing their hairstyles whereas for me, it soothes my messed emotions. Amore Marine


My preference, 'Summers', When I turn all RED, with irritation, enough for me, to hide the painful RED, behind them really well...   - Amore Marine


It was only a moment but your presence increased its worth making it a memory... Amore Marine


Traveling on all the journeys never worth before you met me and taught, what friendship is Amore Marine


I could see in them, which was clearly written, them uninterested for each other, I did try, to get them together, but lost over and over... Amore Marine


Bhaarido swar ra nisasido swaas ko byatha, yasaile sunayo mardai gareko sapana ko katha, yesari tuteko bela jodna kasle dela saath, laddi sakeko bela uthauna kasle badhaula haath. Eii saa-saana tuhuraa haru ko, ma jasto na hos bhaag, sadhai esari nai gunji rahos, inka oonth ka eii meetha raag. baru ma nai agaadi badhchhu, tara... Continue Reading →

Chappy 5

Here is the link of Chappy 4 Smile entered inside a room (captivated room). She sat in a chair closing her eyes. She was having emotionless face, lost in her own world. She was going back to the day when she was destroyed and her world turned upside down. Smile’s POV I was living a good... Continue Reading →

For My Parents

Whenever I see back, I see you, treating me like your pride, loving me like someone precious, never letting me feel unwanted, but someone you immensely LOVE... Amore Marine

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